Get on the fast lane: join a start-up competition TODAY!

Start-up competitions are an excellent way to kickstart your business. No matter if your dream company project is currently on hold or if you’re among the lucky ones who is trying to take the business a step further, joining a competition will always put you in the spotlight enough to give a strong sense of direction and motivation. Being surrounded by friends who support you all the time is not necessarily a good thing for your future company.

For once in a while, it’s good to leave your comfort zone and have a reality check. So here’s why entering a start-up competition will help your business:


Networking is the key ingredient for entrepreneurs. If you don’t have it listed among your personal skills, it’s not a tragedy. You can practice it by attending networking events or training sessions. Living in your own bubble doesn’t help your business. You have to get yourself out there, meet the competition or your future investors, talk to people with different backgrounds and experience levels, and build meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs. Start-up competitions are an excellent chance to meet like-minded people, who believe in innovation. After a while, you’ll have a clear picture of the start-up ecosystem so you’ll know exactly which path to choose. Some of the most interesting and unexpected collaborations started like this.

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If at some point, especially during the early stages, you get stuck, entering a competition will sharpen your senses back up. It’s the perfect opportunity to put your act together, focus on your goals and get a clear picture of where you stand.

Win prizes

Start-up competitions have exciting prizes: software, MONEY, services, mentorship from rockstar entrepreneurs, trips and, why not, popularity. If these aren’t a powerful motivators, what else is?

Get qualified opinions about your business

Start-up competitions are judged by serial, successful entrepreneurs, investors, business mentors and experts who master the start-up scene. By joining such events, you get to talk to them, seek their advice. Many times, financial gurus organize exclusive workshops or talks for the competing small businesses, so here’s an unique opportunity to catch some brilliant know-how straight from the source, not to mention that pitching your idea on several occasions will polish your public speaking skills.

So stop looking for excuses. Get your team together, put your ideas in the dashboard and get on the fast lane. Once you and your partners will sign up FOR FREE, you’ll access the Competition Form which helps you enter unlimited competitions by filling ONE form. See you on the platform. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We’re always scouting for great opportunities you can’t miss.