getLaunched at Swiss Innovation Challenge

April 28th 2015 was a big day for us. Slavisa Tavic, our founder introduced the startup building platform getLaunched at the Swiss Innovation Challenge, in Basel. We were overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement when we realized that over 70 innovation-enthusiasts from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland are already using getLaunched to kickoff their small businesses.


What is Swiss Innovation Challenge?

“Swiss Innovation Challenge is the first innovation promotion program in Switzerland with an integrated competition that takes a holistic approach to realizing innovative business ideas”

The eight-month-long Swiss Innovation Challenge competition has attractive awards and customized education and mentoring programs, plus access to sponsors or future business partners. This challenge addressed innovative businesses and individuals who came up with a creative business idea in the past two years. Swiss Innovation Challenge guides and assists all participants along the process, which is divided in three phases of maximum three months each. Each round ends with a selection, so those who get in the final stage will have the chance to win prizes of 30,000 Swiss Francs. The winner will receive 20,000 Swiss Francs, while the second and third placed will each be awarded 5,000 Swiss Francs.

8 reasons to join Swiss Innovation Challenge:

  • Receive tailored advice from startup experts in the field (sparring partners)
  • A mentoring program featuring an expert pool
  • Attend workshops and trainings
  • Get personal coaching (by appointment)
  • Benefit from continuing education (crash course on innovations, specific training modules)
  • Enjoy motivational and networking events
  • Earn a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) course in Entrepreneurship
  • Win cash awards to launch and grow your business.

The deadline for this year’s application was 18 December 2014, so you can check their website sometime soon for updates. We will keep you posted, so stay tuned.

Thank you, Swiss Innovation Challenge and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland for allowing us to be a part of this entrepreneurial frenzy.

The roller-coaster ride to launching your venture has just begun. Hold on! getLaunched is here to help.