Guerrilla Marketing: How can it help your business?

Let’s say you just started your business, but you’re just not attracting enough of an audience. It’s most likely due to ineffective advertising, not getting your product out there in a way that will really generate traffic. Time for a Plan B, yes? But what is that plan B, exactly?

Guerrilla Marketing. It’s different than traditional marketing in that it takes an unconventional, more creative approach in order to spark people’s interest. There are many forms of this marketing tactic. Below are some examples to help ignite your inspiration to create your own guerrilla marketing idea.

An easy, low-cost way to market creatively is by making business cards and fun stickers with your company’s name on them. You can hand them out, as well as leave them in restaurants and stores (with permission, of course). Ask your friends, family, and loyal customers to slap ‘em on the windows of their cars.

Money stamping is another inexpensive technique. This is where you stamp your logo and email address on your paper currency. This basically guarantees that your advertising is constantly in circulation. You’re bound to drum up at least some traffic from this technique alone.

Some other fun marketing methods could be to hold a contest with some free giveaways that would attract a large number of people and possibly grow your fan base. Also, charity donations could be a worthy idea; if you donate some amount of your profits or other resources to charity, it could also potentially improve your brand reputation and attract a larger following.

You can take your marketing campaign to the Internet and create a viral video that advertises your business or cause. Check out this example from The Dollar Shave Club…

Also, Wren Studio enjoyed more success after posting their video “First Kiss” on YouTube…

These are just a couple of many, many businesses that have gained success due to their viral videos.

Another unconventional way you can market is to use street art to advertise your business. You could hire a graffiti artist to paint your company name on the side of your building, making your business look more unique and innovative. The object is to stand out. If you don’t have a building, you could always rent a few walls around the area as well.

Some more social ways to market: You could set up small events around the area that could contribute a positive association with your company. This all depends on the type of business you have, and the choice of event should directly reflect who you are and what your goals are. If you are, say, a budding freelance writer or a startup publishing company, you could facilitate a book club at the local coffee shop. You could sponsor storytelling nights at the bookstore. Stuff like that.

These are all examples of some of the cheaper ways to use Guerrilla Marketing. Because when you’re an up-and-coming business with little dough to throw around, some of these low-cost techniques can be a fantastic way to do the trick. Use your imagination! Use your advertising techniques to show the masses that your business is truly one of a kind.

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