How to get your first 100 customers – Ad Space – Interviews – Authority!

Sell Ad Space

A good way to get in touch with potential customers is selling Ad Space on your upcoming blog. Long story short, watch this.


Do Interviews with people in your target audience
First, you will give them something. Then add more value. Finally, position your offer with a price tag on it. In this way you will learn about your potential customer, give some visibility by interviewing with and for them and after understanding their needs, you are ready to place your offer.

Become an expert

Questions, everywhere! If you visit, you will find a ton of questions. And some of them are made for you! Pick them, answer them, if you refer to your service always disclose that you are the owner of the product/service. In a next step create a short Facebook video about it and answer the question in less than a minute. Add the Facebook link to quora. Take some time and write a blog article in your blog. And again, update your quora post. You will soon become an expert in your field and if you check your website stats after a month, you will already find people visiting through quora links.


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