How to start a business without experience

When it comes to taking action and create a business out of a business idea, people come up with all sorts of thoughts that hold them back from getting anything done. They ask, i.e., “should I start a business even if I am inexperienced?” and other made up soft-barriers.

Starting a business is as simple as this:

  1. Find a real problem
  2. Talk to people (in Facebook groups, meetups or real life) and validate that it is a real problem and not one that would be fun to have solved. It has to be an absolute must and get solved! You will find such problems next time when you say to yourself “this is so annoying” or “this is freaking me out.”.
  3. Create a functional prototype (MVP) of the solution and initiate the first transaction. You read that right; the first magic dollar sale happens before the product or service is built.
  4. Start advertising on Facebook with 5$ a day, i.e., and find your audiences. The times where you did the customer segmentation on your own are over. Facebook will do this for you. Accept that you have no idea who your potential customer is. Read more about Facebook Audiences and the Pixel. Ask Hernan or another Facebook expert for support.
  5. Collect feedback on your prototype, improve the prototype
  6. Learn from your advertisement on Facebook and once your conversion rate is acceptable (meaning that you spend less than you earn) start to scale and invest more into the ads!

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