Fruits and Floral Arrangements: A Winning Mashup

Lately we’ve been focusing on entrepreneurs who’ve recognized a need in the marketplace and somehow met that need either as a niche or mainstream solution. However, there are obviously other ways to create, sustain, and ultimately succeed with a startup business. Mashing. Yep. Take two concepts and mash them together. I still want to personally […]

The Entrepreneurship Game: Time for Bushnell’s Law

Do you remember the game Frogger? If you’re of a certain age, you probably spent far too many hours with an Atari game controller in your hand, hopping across an electronic road to avoid being squished into amphibian oblivion. What was the secret to safely getting where you wanted to go? Timing. Nolan Bushnell has […]

This Single Mom Runs Her Business Like a Boss

As any parent can tell you, kids are a lot of work. And when there’s only one parent around to shoulder the responsibility, things get especially difficult. Can a single mom (or dad) really start and/or run a business when the children require so much time and attention? Meet Nusha Pelicano, an entrepreneur and single […]

Annoying Morning Ritual Spawns a $165 Million Company

A few weeks ago I wrote about the effectiveness of guerrilla advertising and how that can overcome some of the more conventional limitations a start-up might have in competing for advertising space. I highlighted the sensational ad from The Dollar Shave Club that went viral in seconds and launched an empire in men’s grooming products. […]