How to get your first 100 customers – Ad Space – Interviews – Authority!

Sell Ad Space A good way to get in touch with potential customers is selling Ad Space on your upcoming blog. Long story short, watch this. Interviews Do Interviews with people in your target audience First, you will give them something. Then add more value. Finally, position your offer with a price tag on it. […]

How to get your first 100 customers – Events

Events – but prepared Are there any events that are familiar with your niche? Great. Visit them. But don’t even think about talking to as many people as possible and hand out business cards. Be different! Networking works differently today, and you have to stand out. We all know that the initial excitement vaporizes in […]

How to get your first 100 customers – Build it and they won’t come!

“If you build it, they will come”… well, this does not count for startups. No one was waiting for another wantrapreneur and his or her new app, platform, website, service or handmade ______ (fill the blanks). Building it before talking to potential customers will mostly end up with you spending a lot of your (or […]