The “How-to” Guide for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wished that your business came with an owner’s manual? If so, your wish has just been granted. There is now a comprehensive guide specifically for anyone planning or operating a startup.

Professor Dr. Rolf Meyer and entrepreneurial specialist Slavisa Tavic (B.Sc. Business Economics) share their collective wisdom, education, and experience in their newly published book, Time to getLaunched: 7 Keys to Succeed with Your Startup.

The book serves as a printed mentor for entrepreneurs at any level of experience. Beginning with evaluation of the fundamental ideas behind a startup, it steers business owners through the various stages and situations that often make founding and running a business seem overwhelming.

Time to getLaunched is in essence a toolbox, jam-packed with the tools necessary to build, maintain, and repair any business. Its advice applies to all companies regardless of size or type.

A main component of the book is the 7 Keys to getLaunched Model, a business model that takes a holistic approach to harmonize the seven primary elements of any startup. The guide also demystifies funding options, the writing of a business plan, execution of the sales process, and the myriad issues in between.

Alongside the compilation of analyses, methods, planning tools, and strategies, anecdotal case studies put the material into a real-world context. Readers follow the stories of two fictional entrepreneurs who demonstrate the usefulness of the wide variety of resources presented in the book.

But the practical value of the content doesn’t stop on the page. Time to getLaunched is designed to complement the interactive tools and supplementary information available on the getLaunched online platform. This website for entrepreneurs provides examples and templates for several of the topics discussed in the book to help readers transition seamlessly from theory to practice.

Time to getLaunched: 7 Keys to Succeed with Your Startup is available for purchase and immediate download on Amazon.

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